PRODUCTS - End Forming Styles

Manchester Tool & Die, Inc. produces a variety of machinery capable of doing a multitude of different end-form styles. Our highly qualified staff build each unit with deliberate and painstaking attention to detail, quality and precision. The majority of MTD machines are built made-to-order, meaning that customers have the ability to work with our staff and make sure that individual needs are addressed early in the design stage. In addition, our TryOut area individually tests each machine for performance-based criteria upon completion. This means no guessing or wasted downtime for your company when the unit arrives.

End forming styles of tube end forming machines.

Filter/O-bead end form - Utilized in automotive air-conditioning systems

Barb with stop-bead end-form for hose connections - Commonly used in fuel systems in the automobile industry

Flared O-ring type lock-plate end form

Factory and field tube end forms - Air conditioning valve

O-ring type with small O-ring stop bead end form - Used in heavy truck's power steering systems

45° or 37° flare end-form - Automotive power steering system

Dual-sealing male end form

Dual-sealing female lock-block end-form

Lock-block and an O-ring (Bead) style end-form - utilized in automotive air conditioning systems