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New Servo Positioning Flag Stop System


The new servo positioning flag stop system from Manchester Tool & Die, Inc. is designed to aid setup personnel in quickly adjusting tube out through the machine’s H.M.I. (human machine interface).  This system will provide consistent adjustments resulting in quicker setup up times.  This servo positioning system is available for newer M71 machines that are equipped with H.M.I.’s.


New servo positioning flag stop system from Manchester Tool & Die

Manchester Tool & Die supplies tube end forming equipment and tooling to a variety of industries, with machines ranging from 3/16” to 3” O.D. capacities.  Machines and parts can be manufactured for special applications.  Manchester Tool & Die also provides steel fabricating services and production machining services.


For more information contact Manchester Tool & Die, Inc., 601 South Wabash Road, P.O. Box 326, North Manchester, IN 46962. Telephone: 260-982-8524, Fax: 260-982-4575.


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