Manchester Tool & Die, Inc.

New business model brings lower machine & tooling costs! Reduced lead times!


Manchester Tool & Die has re-engineered our business model which includes machining processes, purchasing procedures, manufacturing and assembly operations; within our ISO 9001-2008 certification. This is critical as it now allows us to deliver to you these important benefits.


  1. Upgraded equipment offering. Machine components have been upgraded and standardized. Features that used to be add-on options are now standard. Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls are user-friendly, programmable, flexible and include diagnostics for machine maintenance.


  1. Significant reduction in tooling lead times. Most repeat tooling now ships within TWO WEEKS. Most new tooling packages now ship within five weeks.


  1. Significant cost reductions. Our new business model allows us to reduce our costs to you significantly, both for new machines AND tooling.


  1. Better understanding our customers' needs and wants. MTD has long been the leader in designing Tube End Forming processes and manufacturing systems, both manually operated and/or with automation.


We've totally revamped our purchasing procedures and manufacturing operations, buying and building in bulk for stock to lower costs. We have invested in new manufacturing equipment (Nakamura, Star SR-32 and Fanuc Wire EDM for instance) that help improve and streamline our component and tooling manufacturing to lower costs, cost savings we pass along to you.


Many machine options that were formerly options are now standard. Not only do you get an upgraded piece of equipment, but the paperwork, labor and inventory savings for us mean further cost reductions for you.


If costs for machine or tooling have kept you from MTD leadership, or perhaps long lead times, you owe it to yourself to give us a try.


Refurbish your MTD groover, end forming or crimping machine.

Refurbish your existing MTD or competitive machine to our new standards.


There are thousands of MTD machines in the field. With our new technology and processes we can bring your old machine up to best-in-the-business standards. We can do the same for competitive machines. Contact us for details.